Reading time: 2 minutes There’s this movie that I saw sometime ago, “The Invention of lying“. I don’t know if it seems familiar but there was this particular scene that came flooding back into my head a while ago. In that scene, a young woman was checking out another woman’s baby and then she said something I don’t quite […]


It was the middle of January..

Reading time: 2 minutes Silent treatment. There’s this realness of i-dont-careism attached to this form of social sanction especially when it’s coming from your end. But when it’s the other way around, when you’re at the receiving end, it becomes quite as much of a burden to your heart. Things had been that way since that 1st of January […]


Close Call.

Reading time: 2 minutes I was on my way back to school early this morning when something out of the ordinary happened. I had slept over at a friend’s place outside school so as to be able to charge my chargeables. As there had been no light for five consecutive days at my hostel and the father had already […]


It was new year’s Day.. 2

Reading time: < 1 minute He must had figured out the look of submission on my face because then, he bent his head and tried to take me in his mouth. Is this nigga bonkers? ,I had thought. I was not exactly thrilled with the fact that he was making all of this moves in front of all of my […]


It was new year’s day..

Reading time: 2 minutes It was New Year’s day. I was back at grandmother’s house. It was the annual party. Plenty to eat and drink. Food. Just that made me the happiest girl alive. I had intentions to have fun. I was not going to let this year’s end without me having stories of mine to share with friends […]