Reading time: < 1 minute Alohomora Open up to thee, Hear the words that thee speak, And grant all that thee seek. Homenum revelio Show thyself, Uncover the face behind thy veil, That thee may grace thy face. Lumos maxima Let there be light, That the dark may be banished, And the ghosts of thy past may vanish. Legilimens Allow […]



Reading time: < 1 minute Kiss me back to life, Or send me back to heaven. Either ways, Just lay your lips on mine. Swallow the spit from my glands, And drink from the tap of my mouth. Rile up my thoughts, Drive me crazy with the thrust of your tongue, As you move inside and out of my core, […]


Beyond Your Thoughts.

Reading time: < 1 minute Your flaws endeared me. Where your good looks have failed. Your atrocities have taught me. How to survive aboard your train.  It’s never been your beauty beauty. Neither is it your last name. They come with your package. But it’s not enough leverage.


We Broke Our Own Hearts.

Reading time: < 1 minute We broke our own hearts. Not to see what’s on the inside. But to keep that which is there intact. Hoping the glue of affection holds tight.  Prevent shambles from the onlooker’s sight. To mend wholly again, We broke our own hearts.



Reading time: 2 minutes   Maami, It’s exactly a year since you’ve been gone. I still wonder sometimes, how it happened. How unprepared and lost I was when you departed this world. I’m all grown now though. Even if I had to grow 3 times faster than I originally am. I am taking care of myself like I promised […]