It’s exactly a year since you’ve been gone. I still wonder sometimes, how it happened. How unprepared and lost I was when you departed this world. I’m all grown now though. Even if I had to grow 3 times faster than I originally am. I am taking care of myself like I promised that I would the last time we spoke. (5th June, 2015)
I hope you’re proud of the young woman  that I am becoming and the small, yet amazing steps that I am taking. I only wish you were here to say, “O kááre, oko mi”.


If I start to cry, it would only mean I’ve learnt nothing this past year. But indeed, I have immersed enough knowledge far higher than the decades in my years. Thanks for the strength you left me. I know that you’ve died at a great time that was your time. I know that your soul has moved on to greater beyonds. Because, for the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

I miss you, maami.
I’d always love and keep you in my heart. Until we meet to part no more.
Give grandpa a hug for me.

Sùn-ùn re o, Iya mi.
Omo fìlà ò dùn bí ká mò dé, ká mò dé ò dàbí kó yeni.

Your loving granddaughter,


2 thoughts on “Màámi.

  1. A great woman she was indeed!!! You need not cry anymore for her, rather go all out and achieve everything she wanted you to and more so that when you stand up there and dedicate it all to maami her smile from up there would feel your heart with a sense of fulfillment….

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