Towards the end of March.


Knowledge hidden and intended to be kept that way. Sometimes, even from the people that love, trust and respect you.


Mine had been a closely-knitted one. Everyone knew everything about everybody. There were no secrets as far as we were all concerned. Everyone kissed and told.

Hence, it had taken the strongest willpower for me to keep
my business strictly personal when I had gone home for the session/election break.
The security option on my phone had never been enabled until that time. It had to be that way.
At least, for as long as I wanted to save my relationship with Henderson.

Therefore, it had come as a bit much of a shock when I had flared up the day that my sister had picked one of my calls.

“Do you mind? “, I had asked petulantly while practically snatching my cell from her grasp.

She merely stared on. I had to apologize later. It had been the only logical thing to do.

We barely saw the whole time the holiday lasted. The only time we had chance had been the days when I had to go to work during my internship. We stole time out of my 8-hour work periods to get together. It had been very inconvenient. Especially because I had to get back home early enough. It had been at that stage of my life when, If I got home later than usual or stipulated by me, It was boy-related. I had to keep in line despite his complaints as to why we couldn’t spend more time together.

Things were going well. To an extent. Until that day during a weekend when he decided he was not satisfied with the short meetings and thought he had to see me for long.

That had been the second time that I saw him at the house.

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