The Ones.

Reading time: < 1 minute I gazed at them as we sat by the coal fire, I watched as the little one rekindled the fire, Amused by the way he adjusted the cauldron that sat on the coal pot, The eldest stared at me, Gently soliciting for the meat that quietly fried, I looked at them and smiled, Not a […]


We Have Forever.

Reading time: < 1 minute We have forever. Let this be our mantra. The tide might refuse to rise, The sun might not come out to shine, The heavens might even start to cry. The candles might no longer burn, The hours could stop their tick-tock, The voices might even stop to talk. In all of these things being eerie, […]


Writer’s Block.

Reading time: < 1 minute You can’t help it, If your muse hasn’t hit you up right, You feel empty, Regardless of how hard you have tried. As I scribble this, Willing for the block to shift, And for me to clearly see, That which lies ahead of me. Wish me well.



Reading time: < 1 minute Yesterday; I felt vulnerable, A feeling that I didn’t think for me; is able, It felt like she looked into my soul, And she knew all of the access codes, I don’t know why I fell for the trick, It’s the oldest gimmick in history, She confessed to me all of her nightmares, Just so […]


Guarded girl.

Reading time: < 1 minute The windmill of the gods, Chimes on and forth, Beckoning that the time has come, To move on; but no longer as one, To open up the door that which is on lock, To let in the first young warlock, That comes beating down its walls, To let gravity go of the earth, Fall fast […]