Society is profiting off our insecurity

Reading time: 3 minutes   Women are expected to look like tens all the time but the average man can look like warm coleslaw every day of his life and all would be well. This is not an hate statement against men, it’s merely a slightly unprecedented one that I have chosen to be my opening line for this […]


We are all seeking validation

Reading time: 3 minutes   Recently, I stumbled on a post by a random person in a group on telegram where she wrote about why she quit Facebook and her justification for doing so. She mentioned a number of reasons as to why she made that decision but one that stuck with me was the description of her battle […]


Longing Forever (For Maami)

Reading time: < 1 minute   Saying time heal all wounds sometimes, is just balderdash On this day three years ago, I lost a light It’s nothing short of a miracle, how I’ve survived your demise My supporter, my protector, my angel in disguise   You gave me the best years of your life Even when it was more than […]