Me with Maami

Longing Forever (For Maami)


Saying time heal all wounds sometimes, is just balderdash

On this day three years ago, I lost a light

It’s nothing short of a miracle, how I’ve survived your demise

My supporter, my protector, my angel in disguise


You gave me the best years of your life

Even when it was more than I deserved

Even when it was lesser that you had


You were my guide at my weakest

You never faltered during any of my sickness

When I had no strength, you were also my fitness


The sadness that fills my heart every time I still cry

Is not just that I miss you and wish we had more time

It’s more that I can never be able to pay you back

It’s more that I will never be able to watch you being proud


To forget you is to forget how to live

To forget who you are is to forget who I am

When you died, you became me and a memory

And so you live on as a part of me


Continue to Rest In Peace, Grandma.




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