Halfway & Other poems

Long time, no poetry! I was going through my old posts and I realized I hadn’t posted any poem in years. Can we imagine that?! Anyway, I decided then and there that I was going to switch it up for a minute. So, here are three poems that I’m sharing with you. I wrote Halfway sometime in 2021 and I wrote Erasure a while back in 2022. Respite is the only poem I wrote last week when I was stuck in bed from a brief illness. Sometimes, I think about how not enough credit is given to the role pain/sadness plays in art. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy reading these. 😊


Someday, I will tell a story

of how my own came to,

and how it was so easy

ask myself even

why ever did I bother

about the thousand things

beyond my power.

Though I think if I tell you

you will stop trying

you will think I got lucky

that the handsome face of fate

only took pity to shine on me

I am afraid you won’t

wait to meet yours halfway too.


I need an eraser for

the memories that I have

until each song I listen to

is no longer about

waiting for you to love me

in the way that I deserve.


Fleeting moments

of ache

allows me to pause

my back against the wall

and taste fully,

what is on my tongue.

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