Losing Spree


First, I lost the hook to my nose ring,

A birthday gift from my old man,

Fell down the drain into the sink.


Later I lost one of my treasured books,

While in transit aboard a long vehicle,

Lost between stops.


Then came the loss of a sum,

One night at the slum,

Forever to the hands of hoodlums.


To think that would mark the end of my loss,

After all, bad things came in 3s,

And I had exhausted my 3 moves or so it seemed.


A couple of things I’ve lost down the years,

Some have come with pains I’ve had to bear,

But one still trumps all.


One loss that stands tall above all,

Was losing my heart once more,

To a treacherous leap for a goofball.


Happy Valentine’s. <3

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