Society is profiting off our insecurity


Women are expected to look like tens all the time but the average man can look like warm coleslaw every day of his life and all would be well. This is not an hate statement against men, it’s merely a slightly unprecedented one that I have chosen to be my opening line for this post. Arguably saying, it’s like they are not expected to try at all.

For a long time in human history, society has placed a lot of emphasis on how a woman should look by setting somewhat unattainable standards for them and by doing so, constantly dishes out insecurity when these standards can’t be met and in return, decides to profit off of that insecurity under the guise of proffering solution and bringing women closer to their goals which was initially not as a result of their own convictions but mere perceptions from what goes on around them shrouded in the form of social acceptability which is actually balderdash because society creates and diminishes choices on its own accord based on how convenient it gets for the society.

This could be a little mind warping, granted. However, what I am simply trying to explain is that, we give too much regard to what is expected of us by the society when the society itself do not actually have any of its rules set or based on any form of logic. We create these things by ourselves to “for” and to “against” ourselves when the need arises.

I recently had a chat with a marketing expert and I was overwhelmed by how much crap a lot of these companies sell to us in tubes of lies and jars of hope all in the name of advertising and branding. It was made known that a host of the cosmetic products we sell to ourselves, and that we unabashedly buy a lot of; consequently, usually only contain about 95% packaging and 5% truth. This may not be a stated fact but I gather it would be close to it and anyway, I digress as this is not even the point.

Side note: Kylie Jenner recently became one of the richest women in history and you can easily guess where all her stash came from (Go girl!)

Today, It is uncommon to hear that a bunch of school girls and even older women are still being bullied for their appearances that they have little or zero control over just because society doesn’t deem it acceptable enough. Take for an example, there is a world-class CEO of a highly reputable company who is male and happens to be glaringly overweight with little sense of putting a decent outfit together, people would gladly not care. However, let it be a powerful woman in a similar situation and watch all hell break loose on how dare she appear in such a messy appearance because she’s supposed to be a role model or fit into other equivalent social constructs.

It’s undeniable knowledge that men sometimes; keyword: sometimes, get the brunt of it too and it’s clearly not my aim to slander men on how easier life generally is for them because of nothing that they are not remotely guilty of. However, it is my responsibility to bring all our attention to the fact that, the unnecessary emphasis and focus laid on how a woman should be considered as acceptable in our world is simply a ploy to make huge profits off it.

Perhaps the society should focus on more perturbing issues such as the unfair emasculation of men in the name of fighting for equality or the endless haterade of genuine feminists fighting for a just cause that will not only benefit us, but make us all better individuals. Perhaps, the society should leave women alone and let them be however they chose to be without conditioning them to make choices that only serve to produce returns for the society in the end.

We’re stars and we’re beautiful. -Alessia cara.


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