I swore.

I swore on the day that I said forever,
That we would always be together.

I swore to love you all the days of my life,
From then on and ever.

I swore to be your strength,
I swore to let you be my light.

I swore that I would hold on,
Unto whatever you brought forth.

That day when you said you wanted six children,
I swore to bear you four.

I swore to have your back, give my ear and build our path,
I swore I was going to marry you.

Now, I have dreams to follow too.
For it appears only I, swore.

2 thoughts on “I swore.

  1. Yes, only you swore.
    But that was ’cause I was worn,
    Thrown, torn.
    Your words cut me,
    Slicing my doubts,
    Silencing my fears.
    I was drawn,
    Stun and spurn
    By vows so pure and sincere.
    Yes, I couldn’t mutter words,
    I was dumbfounded.

    I actually said I wanted four,
    Even before the fore bearing.
    I wouldn’t mind any number though,
    So far it is more than one.

    Yes, only you swore;
    Let’s swear it all over again…

    1. Where do you get your words from? How do you manage to make sense in a little amount of time? This is a post itself. Maybe I should put this up. 🙂

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