There’s this movie that I saw sometime ago, “The Invention of lying“. I don’t know if it seems familiar but there was this particular scene that came flooding back into my head a while ago. In that scene, a young woman was checking out another woman’s baby and then she said something I don’t quite remember word for word but sounded more like, ” Wow. It is so ugly” . And you would have known that she meant it.

More like it.

The movie was based on a society where no one could actually lie or feign.
It was the idea of a clear utopian society. One that is ideal but often impractical.

My mind immediately came back to the present. That was when I realised that, had it been a real-life situation, even if the baby had resembled a rag doll, the other woman would still had said something like, “ Whoah, your baby is so cute and adorable that i want to cry in ecstasy!”
Not because she is visually impaired or an idiot. But because, we as a unique human race, like to hide under the umbrella of deception in the name of being actually courteous.

It is not an everyday word yet it is one of the closest to us. It is the facade behind which the majority of the earth’s population lie. An instance of actions and schemes fabricated to mislead and/or delude someone into errantly believing a lie or inaccuracy.

That could be the idea. Mislead or delude. But in actual sense, I have come to realise that people actually decieve one another because:

👍 They are mindful of what to say that could get to you.

✌ They are plain being nice.

👌 They just want to tell you what you want to hear. 

These reasons are all but, fair enough. It’s only natural for a fellow human to also, along with his/hers, put one’s feelings into consideration.

Truth is it’s all good when it’s all small talks and irrelevances. But when it arrives at the point when which it has gone too deep and irreversible, I daresay it would become a tool of destruction in our Society.
One wieldable enough to destroy even the most serene of personality.

3 thoughts on “Deception.

  1. the main problem with our present society is ‘personalty pricing’ – what ppl think/feel nd ultimately say bout me, (even if it appears to be false).

    i have this philosophy that u get to see only what u re looking for.

    when u look at someone, the profile he/she projects tels u, this is d msg this person is tryin to pas acros nd dats exactly wot u tel him/her: bcos thats wot what s/he wants to hear.

    nd we’re in a world wher u nobody wants to be unpopular no mre. so, just look at ppl and tell them what they wanna listen to.

    . nice piece, aayooba

  2. It won’t be fair to actually look at or listen to people and tell them what they wanna hear. That’s gonna be like stroking some fragile ego or buttering some cracked loaf. It is not only pretentious, it is grossly insincere on our own parts.

    Yet, much as we have to be honest and say things as they really are, we have to be pragmatic and diplomatic enough to know when not to speak all of our minds.

    Moments when “I believe you” would suffice. 🙂

    Well written b. And yeah, the theme is cool. 😉 That’s what I’m talking about…

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