What Love Is.

So Depearl invited me to share my thoughts about Love.

Truly, I don’t even rightfully know what Love isn’t. But I sure do know what it is. Hence, I hope the few words I would write consequently would be enough to drive home my point.


You could say Love is stupid.
As well, thoughtless.

Love is grave. Yet, unconditional.

Love cannot be demanded or taken away.

Love is unpredictable and undeniable.

Love is independent.

Love is Free,
Love cannot be bought. Neither can it be sold. 

Love is indeed, compassionate.

Love is indestructive.
Love is harmless.

Love is honour.

Love is care.

Love is selflessness.

Love is subtle and delicate.

Love is everywhere.

Most importantly,

Love is bigger than us all.

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