When February came..

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“Hello?” , I had said into the phone after picking at the third ring while lowering myself to sit on the bed.

The calls had caught me while I was climbing the stairs back to my room. With the heavy loads that I had held in both hands, there was no way that I could have tried to get the ringing volume out of my bag.

I waited. But there was no answer from the other end.

“Hello, who is on the line?” , I repeated into the phone. I was clearly beginning to get irritated.

I talk to you miles away and you infest me with raw, pure joy. You’re indeed a special one. Figures why I can’t seem to be able to let go of you. How are you doing, my beautiful one?”, He had answered.

Immediately, I knew who it was. But I decided to play along.

“Who am I speaking with, please?”, I said into the phone. Half-expecting him to be coy about his identity. Since that has pretty much being his way of ways.

Hahaha” , he had laughed. “It crushes my heart, beautiful one. If by now, you still do not recognise the voice of your prince.”

Last time I checked, I hadn’t married royalty. So what he was saying about Princes and horses eluded me.

Anyways, this is Henderson Williams. We met on New Year’s day. I take it you remember me by now, yes?”, he had asked.

Oh. You. Hii”, I was clearly not good at this game. I replied. Stammering my words out.

Yeah. Me. Same me. ”

I could almost see him grinning from the other end.

What’s up? “, I asked.

N’un much. I just called to ask if you’re going to be available, Saturday afternoon. I am coming to your school. We’re going out.”

Wow. Straight-forward. I liked.

At this point, I knew I had to put an end to whatever craze it is that was about to start. This was unreasonable enough and I knew I was not supposed to encourage any of it.

Ohh. Okayy. What time, Saturday?”, I had found myself saying.

Say 12pm? Till evening. I plan to spend my whole day with you, my princess”

Okay then. See you, Saturday. “, I said into my phone before dropping the call.

This was exactly going down that path I was ordered not to.

What is my problem, really? Am I even out of my mind? Maybe I should Call him back and cancel the date? , I had thought to myself.

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  1. That insane mo when we are compelled to follow an unwritten and yet forbidden script. It’s brilliant, it’s beautiful… when princes ride on white horses and sweep the reluctant feet off of the ground. Damn the world, damn the warnings. Why live life in fear?!

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