It had been at the beginning of March.

No more phone calls? “, I had asked.

Yes baby. No more phone calls”, he had replied looking into my eyes as he switched off his mobile phone. He then kissed me.

Right on my forehead.

I had not really been from the popular “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” school of taught. Rather I had been one great cynic at the time.
Therefore, all Henderson had done had came as a bit much of a surprise to me. I didn’t know gentlemen existed until he showed me there was more to life than assholes.

It had been our third official date. He had called me that morning to tell me he had a surprise for me. I hadn’t thought much of it as I had fully expected him to do it again and again. Blow my mind. Sweep me off my feet.

On our first date, he had arrived at my school when I had least expected it. He had called earlier to cancel the date. He had said he had stuffs to attend to. I had felt little disappointment as I had still been indecisive as to whether or not, to go out with him.
He had then showed up at my hall later that day. At first, I had thought he was probably joking when he had called. But then I remembered Henderson never pulled stunts.

Surprise! “, he had said as I arrived downstairs determined to burst his bubble, tell him off and head right back to my room.

What in the world’s name do you..”, I had begun to say when he stopped me mid-sentence and said, “ C’mon! I know. But just get in the car. We’re running late!”.

I had been dumbstricken. I had wondered how someone could be that impossible. I hadn’t even dressed well. I had worn a short black dress. Tied my hair in a bun and I had ordinary flip-flops on!

That had been when he said, ” And you look just great in that dress. Perfect for where we’re going. Don’t worry, darling. You’ll be fine”, he had told me. Smiling as he pulled me around to the car and sat me down.

It’s either I’m being kidnapped or he’s gone out of his head, I had thought to myself all the way. My head wouldn’t process anything he had been saying until we arrived at the place and I realised we hadn’t even left school at all.

I checked my surroundings and I had just thought to myself, Why would he bring me to Tantalizers eat-in/out inside school? Of all places? 

It was not until we got out of the car that I figured it all out. He hadn’t brought me to Tantalizers at all.

A little table had been waiting right in the middle of that nowhere. Yeah, it had occurred to me as nowhere because immediately I set my eyes on what he had done right there, every other thing ceased to exist in front of my eyes. I remember I had gasped and stopped mid-walk.

It’s not much. I had hoped to use the inside of the eatery but as it came as a last minute attempt, this was the best I could get. It appears they’re closing up sef. I ordered food instead and ermm.. here we are. Don’t worry about nothing. It’s not even gon’ rain cos’ l’ve been praying all this time. I just hope you like it? “, He had asked while he winked and smiled the whole time.

Right under the moonlight. Candle-litten table. Soft music playing. Or had it been a piano? All I had heard that moment had been Micheal Franti’s ” I love you, I love you..” ‘s voice replying on my behalf.

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