It was new year’s Day.. 2

He must had figured out the look of submission on my face because then, he bent his head and tried to take me in his mouth.

Is this nigga bonkers? ,I had thought. I was not exactly thrilled with the fact that he was making all of this moves in front of all of my family members.

Clearly, I was in no mood to stand there and take crap from some cocky man who apparently thinks he’s God’s gift to women.

I belong to him? Whatever had I been thinking in the first place? For all I knew, he was delusional and needed help.

I guessed I must not had been feeling all right.
As he had made to cover me with spit, I started.
I had to do something, I thought.

“look, I don’t care who you think you are or where in the world you came from. If you ever touch my sister like that ever again, I’ll kill you. ”

Rescue at last! That moment, the spell that held me bound to where I stood must had broken.
Because, then I knew, whatever must had been intended to happen was never supposed to have happened.

I would have been terribly glad for the intervention had the rescue team had been someone else.

It was my elder brother that came and yanked me off his grip.

That was when I knew I had the real terror to face.

One thought on “It was new year’s Day.. 2

  1. Hehe. Brothers and there damn protective gene. It ain’t matter whether they are older or younger, you don’t get to mess with their sis.

    Nice. Keep it coming

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