Happy Birthday to you, Depearl

This short post goes out to one of the most amazing persons that I know.

Happy belated Birthday to you, Heedriz.
I met you at a moment when my life was so busy.
You came into it and it hardly made a difference. But then, I guess God already had it all planned.
You came and you changed me from my frame to my core. You unveiled my being. Through you, I figured I could do somethings too.
Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for always showing that you believed in the little that I did.
I wish you God’s best everyday of your life.

Be Happy, my darling. 🙂

Much love.

Little bird.

I know.
It’s late again. :*

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to you, Depearl

  1. Little bird,
    Yes you’re late again!
    But hey,
    Who says it’s too late
    To go again?

    This box would hold none in words,
    This space can contain them not.

    I guess twas meant to be,
    The chase, wait
    And the miss…

    Thanks for this,
    You made a nigga’s day…


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