Reading time: < 1 minute 400level! Still not graduating 😀 Haha! You know, some of us have solemnly sworn to devote 5 (hopefully it’s gon remain as that.) out of our prestigious years on earth to go to the university and study whats not that we might or might not end up pursuing a career in it in later life. […]


Happy Birthday to you, Depearl

Reading time: < 1 minute This short post goes out to one of the most amazing persons that I know. Happy belated Birthday to you, Heedriz. I met you at a moment when my life was so busy. You came into it and it hardly made a difference. But then, I guess God already had it all planned. You came […]


xoxo. Gossip girls.

Reading time: 2 minutes Me: You mean to say she twerked into the year? Friend: Ehn. Didn’t you see it on IG? She posted it now. It was around past 12. I was checking out this Osaro babe’s account for her new arrivals. She told me she had new stocks. That was when I came across the ridiculous video. […]