xoxo. Gossip girls.

Me: You mean to say she twerked into the year?

Friend: Ehn. Didn’t you see it on IG? She posted it now. It was around past 12. I was checking out this Osaro babe’s account for her new arrivals. She told me she had new stocks. That was when I came across the ridiculous video. She cannot even really wiggle like that sef. It’s like she even wears a butt pad.

Me: Are you for real? This my phone that’s acting up is really spoiling my show o. How many likes did the Video now get?

Friend: I think 30 something. I’m not really sure.

Me: Tahh. If I post ordinary selfie, I get close to 90. Even after shaking everything o.

Friend: Hahaa. You don’t say.

Me: Errm, by the way, Did you notice the ring on you-know-who’s finger at Daphne’s party last Sunday?

Friend: You-know-who being? Voldermort yeah?

Me: Fool. Nahh. Froddo Baggins.

Friend: Hahaa. You know I’m just yanking your ear. O’cos I did. What purpose do you think these my eyes serve before? But wait o, is it that her Man-friend that took her to Seychelles during Easter last year that gave her?

Me: Which Man? Look at you. You’re as stale as 2014. You haven’t heard about her latest catch? Ehh. It’s the new guy that’s doing all the paparazzi something o. He’s the one that engaged her. I heard he’s a father of one. His former wife is said to have died of breast cancer.

Friend: Ehyaa.

Me: He’s said to be the son of a popular socialite woman. The woman deals in fashion designing and stuffs. She owns Georgina House.

Friend: Are you kidding me? That’s where my cousin got her wedding dress customized. Did I even tell you that she’s filing for a divorce already?

Me: After how many years of marriage?

Friend: Years kwa? 7 months o.

Me: Irreconciliable differences?

Friend: You wish. She accused her husband of Marathon cheating.

Me: Which one is Marathon cheating again?

*phone rings*

Me: Pause. I have to pick this call.


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