It was new year’s day..

It was New Year’s day. I was back at grandmother’s house. It was the annual party. Plenty to eat and drink. Food. Just that made me the happiest girl alive. I had intentions to have fun. I was not going to let this year’s end without me having stories of mine to share with friends when school resumed.
As school was reported to get back in few days for the commencent of the semester’s exams and as I had not opened a book since the holiday began, I kept telling myself, “you only die once. If you want to have fun, enjoy it till the fullest. Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” Sounds familiar?

The day had begun auspiciously. After the usual rounds of families and guests that had now become some sort of a ritualistic affair as I knew who would come, what time who would come and what exactly who would like to eat when who came, I began to anticipate evening.

Evening was when the actual party always started.
Music in the air. People would have fun.
No one had imagined that it was I that would open the dance floor, that beautiful dusk. Believed to be the most conservative child of my family, it had come as much as a surprise to all.

I didn’t care whether they looked or not. I just wanted to dance. And probably the DeeJay knew about my penchant for the songs that he played that made me dance so much, I had not the slightest idea.

I had wanted to get a drink to cool off, when I noticed him. He was staring hard at me. I stared right back. Mine, from head to toe. Fun part was, he reciprocated the action. I didn’t know who he was. I hadn’t noticed him when he had arrived because then I would have known whose guest he was.

Before I knew where I was, he was standing next to me, talking.

“I watched you dance. “, he had said.

“oh yeah? “, was all I altered. Dismissing the, ‘who the f**k are you’ question on my tongue.

You dance so well. I must confess.”

“Thank you.”

” Can I ask you something? ” , he had asked.

I’m listening. “, I urged him on while feigning ‘time-waster alert’

If I asked to hold your hand, would you be willing to let me? ”

” Uhmm, I don’t quite get you. Who are you, by the way? ”

He smiled. Damn.

I drum quite well too. ” , he had said.

I already figured where it was headed.
Rolling my eyes in my brain, I said to him, smiling ” Soo dancer girl meets drummer boy. How terrific. ”

That time, he took my hand into his. Looked into my eyes and said, “Be mine. And I would never let you go. ”

I don’t know what it was. I still don’t understand how it happened because I stared back at him and in that moment while my gaze held his, I knew nothing/no one could ever take me away from him. I knew I was his.


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