Close Call.

I was on my way back to school early this morning when something out of the ordinary happened. I had slept over at a friend’s place outside school so as to be able to charge my chargeables. As there had been no light for five consecutive days at my hostel and the father had already begun to vex stylishly as per he hasn’t been getting through, exams have finished, why won’t you even come home sef? These our old folks don’t always understand that, even after exams, there are still stuffs to do. Anyways, that’s not even the issue. I was sha on my way back. It was quite early and a tad bit dark outside when I left. I had intentions to get back to school soon enough so as to pack my stuffs. Brandishing my Lamp at anyone who came in sight, I made it to the main street safely. That was when this Man started tagging along. At first, I thought he was a thief. Maybe he wanted to snatch something from me. I quickly removed my earrings and held my bag to my shoulder more firmly. I walked faster. I realized he increased his pace too. I didn’t stop walking. He must have caught up because he came right beside me and made to grab me!
My adrenaline shot up like fire at a gas station!
Fight and flight! Those were the only two things I could think of. As he tried to turn me around to face him, I smashed the lamp I held in my hand into his face with all the energy I had. The blow must have struck him hard as he had to let go of my wrist and clutch his smashed face. By that time, passers-by had already begun to stop and see what was going on. I didn’t even wait. I made for the road immediately. If I had been doing 60km/h before, I was now doing 250km/h. I was plain running like someone fleeing a murder scene. I was scared shitless. I didn’t stop until I got to my room. As I narrate this story now, I am still shaken. It was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. Especially in this kind of neigbhorhood. This is the kind of stuffs I see in the movies. I never thought it could be this real.
Right now, I am just glad for my instincts and the impulse with which I responded. I am not even trying to feel like Lara Croft because it was even God’s work, anyway.

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