The Immigrant’s Truth: #JapaStory05

Reading time: 5 minutes In this post, I speak with Industry’s finest (literally, gosh!) Tosin, a supply chain engineer at one of the top semi-conductor companies in the world. Tosin aspires to break grounds in global markets. He has proven to be terrific at what he does by constantly being at the top of his game. He enjoys sports […]


The Immigrant’s Truth: #JapaStory04

Reading time: 9 minutes Today’s post is especially different. I speak with Tal, a young lady, recently returned to Nigeria after a period of postgraduate study in the UK. I have been friends with Tal for many years and she is perhaps the most amazing person that I know. Soft-spoken and with a good head on her shoulders, Tal […]


Diary Of an Ibadan Girl: Entry 1

Reading time: < 1 minute   Hi! My name is Morenike Ajibade. And I am an Ibadan girl. Bèéni. I say this because, I have been in Ibadan all of my life. Born and bred. I have never really had the chance to really get out. As per, I am the entire recipe for an “omo get inside”. (An omo get […]