Diary Of an Ibadan Girl: Entry 1



My name is Morenike Ajibade.

And I am an Ibadan girl.


I say this because, I have been in Ibadan all of my life. Born and bred. I have never really had the chance to really get out. As per, I am the entire recipe for an “omo get inside”. (An omo get inside is a child who has been raised by the parents in such a manner that the child is often only allowed to grow and live within the restricted environment that the child was born in.)

Well. Actually, sometimes, I have gotten out. But then, I always come back. I like to think it is because my work is not done here. (Maybe, maybe not)

Today, I decided to start my diary. I am experiencing another event filled year of my life and have thus decided that I would not allow my life to go on without record, into oblivion. For, there would come a time when memory would fail me and all things of the past shall elude me.

Join me as I journey through life, creating stories and events that’d be told in one of those big league books someday. About an Ibadan girl who lived and thrived.

Here’s the very first entry into my life and my lies.

I hope it interests you.

If it doesn’t?

I don’t care.


8 thoughts on “Diary Of an Ibadan Girl: Entry 1

    1. Awww. It’s good to know you are interested! No, it won’t be an everyday thing. Maybe once in a week. Twice a week at the most. I’d put all my best into consistency, don’t worry!

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