heart-shaped leaf broken into parts but put back together with caption 'why do they say grief is circular?' by Aayooba's blog
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Why do they say grief is circular?

Reading time: 3 minutes When I was 19, I lost my grandmother and it was one of the most challenging periods of grief in my life. That whole year of her death went by with me looking for a coping mechanism for the gaping hole that her demise had created. Honestly, it felt like I was experiencing sadness on […]

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Waiting: why you need to do it.

Reading time: 3 minutes Recently, I realized I have zero patience. I literally do not have the time of day to wait for things or people. I just want everything to happen in my own time which is a bit of a stretch because that nearly never happens. Let me be clear, I am not stating this discovery on […]

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To The Girls That Walk This Path

Reading time: 3 minutes I’ve always envied the girly girls. The girls that knew who they were from the onset, right from day one. The girls who looked forward to training bras, the ones who were excited to get their first periods. The ones who seemed to know what it embodied to be female, accepted it willingly and without […]