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To The Girls That Walk This Path

Reading time: 3 minutes I’ve always envied the girly girls. The girls that knew who they were from the onset, right from day one. The girls who looked forward to training bras, the ones who were excited to get their first periods. The ones who seemed to know what it embodied to be female, accepted it willingly and without […]

Think Pieces

The Good Old Days

Reading time: 3 minutes They often say whenever you wake up is your morning; and even though this saying doesn’t necessarily apply to me literally because I’ve really been up for the longest time. But I looovveee pretending to be asleep, Lol. When I was little, around the time I must have been six or seven years old, I […]


Adults in their hoods, Ep. 4: Depression

Reading time: 5 minutes In this episode, I speak with Richard, my childhood friend and one of the most talented writers that I have experienced with their work. Richard is a brilliant freelance writer, with the most impeccable taste in music. In this post, he talks about his struggle with depression for the past seven years and how life, […]