Life’s lemonades.

Freaging typical to bump into someone you really like when you’re looking like shit.
That is the day lucipher would allow you to choose not to care. You might be caught wearing your grandma’s blouse or there might be saliva trickling down one side of your mouth or something even worse.


I don’t know why terrible things happen to good people.

I was not planning to go out today. As per, school has resumed, but I’m still chilling at home stees. I already made plans to watch TV all day and probably read a book later. Things were going good for me.

Until my sister called that she had forgotten something something at home and I had to bring it to her ASAP to the car park where she was waiting. The car park was just one bus away from home.
I was dejected. I didn’t even fake it for her over the phone. Before I gave in Sha, she promised to dash me two of her very fine clothes. ( siblings pact ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

In my mind, I was just going to rush down there, drop the stuffs for her and get back fast and furiously and I would still get to do stuffs I had already planned. Everyone was going to get what they wanted and be happy.

I got into my cloth.
It was one very long Ankara gown that was full of shine-shine that fell everywhere as I moved. I had flat sandals that could easily pass for flip-flops on. I had the decency to spray my Miyake a little. Wristband- check. Wristwatch- don’t check.

You should be getting the picture by now. I was sha looking dope. From the rear.
I didn’t even mind how I looked to myself in the mirror.
After all, shebi where I’m going to is not far. I just want to drop something for my sister, I thought to myself.

Out, I went. Within a few, I was there. I was hoping to call her so I could locate her.
Alas, I had left my phone in the house.
Fast and furiously.
There was nowhere I could have called her even if I had money to.
I sha kept looking around for her with the hope of seeing her or something.
The sad part was, I had left my glasses at home as well. I couldn’t make out people from afar because of my short-sightedness. I was already beginning to feel miserable.

That was when He must have seen me. I have always fancied him sorta. We had met at my sister’s birthday party last year. He is cool and I really like him.

I sha saw the person ( Micheal ealy’s kind of eyes, Hugh jackman’s kind of gait, Justin Timberlake’s kind of attire, Nick cannon’s kind of smile ) coming towards me.ย I recognized him immediately.


“Hi, Oyin how are you? What ‘re you doing here?”, he had asked.

Lord God, I wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear!

I stuttered and managed to say, “Err, Hiii. I’m fine. Ermm.. I’m ..I’m waiting for my sister. We’re supposed to go to the market together.” while trying to hide my face behind my bang-like hair.

“Oh, really? I just saw her like now all dressed up. Told me she’s leaving back for her state of redeployment. I was even asking after you”

His grinning made me feel sick.

“Yeah, yeah.”, I stammered. ” As soon as we get back from the market. “. Trying to plaster a smile on my face.

Like the market was really an excuse for what I was wearing. Like people don’t actually look good to buy stuffs. Even if it’s pepper.

He then told me where he last saw her. I didn’t even wait to say goodbye. I was plain too embarrassed.

To make situations worse, my sister was venting bad-assly as soon as she saw me. She was complaining about how late I have been and how she had missed the bus she was supposed to be in.

Me that something was already doing me before. I just wanted to sit on the floor and have a good cry.


6 thoughts on “Life’s lemonades.

  1. I totally agree with yh… Meeting some1 u like on ur worst day’s just crappy… Then u spend d whole day thinking of what you would av done or said differently…. I hope there’s a part two for this o?

    Stumbled upon you in a very unusual manner & I must say I’m glad I did… Great stuff you got here from what I’ve read so far.. Looking forward to reading more..

    1. I know right! it’s one of the worst things ever, really. Especially if u’ve been forming badoo prior to. I’m really glad you like it. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Went through your posts as well. You write beautifully, I must confess. Flawlessly, yet without as much effort. They are so real. The ‘omisororo tea’ part got me laughing hard. More grease to your elbow, ma’am.

      LOL. I felt old saying that.

  2. Funny…..Same is abt to happen to me today*crying*Ayobami is coming to say hi to me and am looking somehow today buh is nothing.smile*

    1. Lool. Do something quick! So you wouldn’t wallow like I did o.

      What am I even saying sef? Shebi it’s you. You would still look cute whether you bath or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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