Teramade’s Diary

There’s a weird satiety that comes with peeking into other pple’s life without fear of getting caught. It’s like reading your best friend’s diary. But trust me, this one’s like reading your worst enemy’s diary. 
Enjoy. 🙂

“See how you were looking so hot on your birthday while I was looking like a slave on mine”, She said to me.

“Hahaha. Don’t get jealous. Don’t hate on a sister. ” , I replied.

“Good thing you know I hate you. You want to keep getting all the fine boys, abi? “, She said. Feigning disgust on her cute face.

I sighed.

“Hmmm. You don’t know how sad I have been, bae. You really have no idea”, I said to her.

We had been going through the many pictures I took on my 25th birthday party. She had missed it. She had been away on business.

“Sad? What’s up? “, she asked as she scrolled through the pictures on my new iPad 3.

I had gotten it 2 weeks earlier before my birthday. Alongside several other gifts.

From Him.

” ‘Kole really refused to be at my birthday party last sunday after all of my pleas”, I revealed to her.

“Ehn ehn? Little wonder I haven’t been seeing him in the pictures. I thought you told me you guys made up. What excuse did he give?”, She asked.

Boladale had been my friend and confidant for 11 years. She knew almost everything about my life. Ditto.

“Hmmm. I really don’t know what to think anymore, ‘Dale. I have apologized a million and one times. I think our relationship is heading for the rocks. Bankole has stopped acknowledging me as his fiancee. I don’t know what to do anymore.”, I said.

Tears had begun to form and blurr my vision. I reached for the box of kleenex on top of my dressing table.

Sniff. Snort. Sniff.

“Don’t get teary, Teramade. You can’t know for sure what is going on in his head. Have you tried talking about it, both of you?”, Boladale asked.

“Yes. Several times. He tells me there is no problem and that we would work things out. Together. His actions have said otherwise, so far. ‘Kole barely calls me anymore. He cuts me off most of the time when I try to call him. He claims he’s busy at the office. I have been to his house many times. He’s plain avoiding me. I don’t know what to do. Help me, ‘Dale. “, I said to my best friend amidst tears. “I can’t bear to lose him after so many years. I love him so much. ”

By then, tears had began to fall. I dabbed at my eyes gently with the tissue.

“Babe. Relax. Come here”, She said to me as she tried to pull me into an embrace. “It’s not the end yet, you know. I don’t know what to tell you really. It appears that most times, you don’t even think before any of your actions. You didn’t think it was going to turn out this way when you slept with his best friend, did you?”

I dabbed at my eyes furiously while trying to disentagle myself from her grasp.

” What are you talking about, ‘Dale?”, I asked.

“Oh, come off it. Don’t deny. The whole town knows. Did you really think I was going to believe that hoax tale you cooked up? Bankole, himself told me about it. “, She said while staring hard at me.

‘The whole town knows’ reverberated in my head.

I had slept with my boyfriend’s best friend 3 months ago. My world had come down at my feet when my fiance had found out. I hadn’t even told my best friend. I had told her we just had a big fight and needed to work somethings out without really telling her the details. I wanted it to be my secret.

Our secret.

Myself and Adebayo.
He had always fancied me. I met him before I met Bankole.
He never made any move until ‘Kole came around and took my breath away. He started making advances.
Told me how long he had admired me.
He sent me numerous gifts.

Eventually, he got lucky.

I remember it vividly just like yesterday. That night, three months ago. It wasn’t a rape. No struggles.

Realising my secret is no longer a secret anymore. I am screwed for life, I thought. ‘Kole had refused to have anything to do with me. ‘Dale would probably never trust me again. I should have told her, I thought miserably.

That thought didn’t hold for long.

My phone rang.

It was him.

To be continued..

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