An Open Letter To D’banj

With the latest news that just got to my notice, I have decided that I am going to write an Open letter to D’banj. ( ._.) (Even if he’ll never get to read it, I would still write anyway. )

Sooo here goes my heart ink :

Dear D’Banj,

I am that girl who has loved you for nine years of my adolescent life.
I don’t know how it started.
I didn’t even know what love is.
I just knew I couldn’t get tired of you.
It wasn’t/isn’t your looks.
It wasn’t/isn’t your body.
Because then, It would’ve just been sheer attraction.
It is something much different.
Loved you with the purest of notions.
Held on to that for years.
Hoped on it. That probably someday, you would find out about my existence and then you would fall in love with me somehow and everything else would work out fine.
Just like it happens sometimes in the movies.
I fantasize about meeting you.
Make up scenarios in my head.
What I would wear, how I would talk, how I would blush and stoffs when you finally popped the question :D.
A host of interesting stuffs!
Always brimming in my head. Because that is the only thing that matters to me as far as you are concerned.
Everyone I have met knows how endlessly crazy I am about you.
I literally turn my house upside down whenever I see you on TV.
You basically own my heart.
You are my hero. My dream man.
The only one I ever truly loved effortlessly.

Now, I hear you’ve found love.
I can’t deny the fact that, this, saddens my heart.
But then, I love you too much that I have no choice but to wish you the best.
You would forever be in my heart.


PS: JUST KIDDING! I aint letting you go, D. Spent nine years of my life mentally dating you. Now you telling the whole world you found love? Know what? Fuck whatever love you found! I don’t care how long it takes. You owe me a £250,000-hid-in-a-ferrari kinda ring, boo. I’ll wait. 😀

And with that written, I am at peace with my inner self. 🙂


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