Mind PeeK

Okay, this one’s different. πŸ™‚
Since I started writing months back. I just write and then post.
No editing, no proof-reading.
But like I said earlier, this one’s exclusive πŸ˜€
I wanted it to come out fainnn *in bisi’s voice*
LOOL. Y’all won’t get the joke. It’s an inside one πŸ˜€

So then I got an amazing someone to do it. And wow o wow.

PS: Thanks Tobi! I love you :*

So then, here we go…
I hope you enjoy reading πŸ™‚

“Are we breaking up?” She asked.

“Yes, We are. ” He replied.

Three Infamous last words.

‘Yes, We are’ reverberated a thousand times in her head. It was like everything she ever believed in was toppling over. Right before her.

She thought in her mind how she could possibly get over this heart shattering moment. It was too huge.
Though she had had a premonition.
A long time ago.
That a day like this would eventually be?
She didn’t think it was ever going to happen. Just like that.

And so, the day she got that bbm ping, it was to be an unforgettable one.

“I can’t deal with this!”. she thought. She had to talk to someone about it.
Because, it felt too unreal.
How can something so good and true end abruptly like that in seconds?
It felt like a scene in a movie.
She was the actress.
The director was going to be there in any moment to say “Cut!”
Yes! That had to be the case.
Alas, it was to remain that way this time around.

As she yanked herself away from her bed, blinked back the tears that were soon to be in a matter of time, she dashed past someone coming in to the room. Greetings. No reply. Slammed the door and in seconds, she was on her way up the stairs.
Two strides at a time.
She had to get it all out.

Her cousin was the only person she thought of. After having tried calling her sister whose number was not reachable at that moment.
As she approached the room, she heard laughing voices.
She couldn’t obviously barge into the room in her present state. Yet she was impatient. She had to talk to someone else she breaks down.

“Ayomide. Ayomide!” She called through the window. “Ayomide, pls come out. I need to talk to you”. With the tears about rolling down, her voice sounded shaky and broken.

Three girls came rushing out. Ayomide taking the lead.
“Bisola, what is the problem?” Ayomide asked.

Sekinat and Bimpe couldn’t contain their surprise as well.
It came out in unison.
“Bisola, what is wrong with you? Why are you crying”

She handed her phone to her to read the chat.
And then came the long hiss.
“Boy issues”. Ayomide said as she handed the phone to the other girls.
She as well couldn’t contain her disappointment.

“Cousin, I am so sorry about this. I never thought I would here of this day. What could have prompted this sudden decision of his? Ehn? Boys sha”. Ayomide exclaimed.

“Awwww! Ehyaa. I am really sorry Bisola. It’s one of those things. U’ll be fine. I know how you must feel. Been there, experienced that. Took me a year to get over my ex sef. But u’ll definitely get over this too. It’s a matter of time. Just be strong okay? “. Sekinat said.

“A year ke? That one is sad o.” Bimpe said.
“Dnt mind this one ntie. She has refused to learn. “. Ayomide said.

She only kept sobbing.

Ayomide drew her to herself and they went back into the room.
They had been standing at the corridor the whole time.

They kept consoling her while she tried to pull herself together.
Ayomide gave her a face towel. To clean her eyes.

“Biscuits over boys”. She said atlast amidst tears.
They all bursted out laughing.

“I know right. Don’t worry cuz. This our SIWES period. We are going to use it to look for boys! We are going to have the time of our lives having fun”. Ayomide said jocularly.

“Haha. Ayomide, u are high.” Sekinat said. “But it’s true o. Had it being we weren’t having philosophy test tomorrow, we could’ve just gone somewhere to chill out. So you would wallow less. Am really sorry bae”

“Honestly, that would have been a good one for her”. Bimpe said.

“I know u’ll be fine. Just take your mind off it okay?”. Sekinat told her.

“Thank you. I’ll be fine. I am just really sad about this. Honestly, I thought Love was bigger than anything. I thought Love was deep enough to stay even when things are difficult. I thought Love would forever be willing to try and work things out. We’ve been brain-washed, girls. Honestly, I am just sad. I am not mad at anybody though. Not at all. I guess it comes with having a good heart. I just can’t believe this is happening to me right now. “. She said, still wiping her eyes.

“You have every right to be sad right now. But u’ll get over it. “. Ayomide assured her.

“Thank you. Thanks a lot. I’ll leave now. I feel better now. “.

“Lemme walk you back”. Ayomide offered.

And that was to be the end.
End end end.
Awwwwnnn :’)

DISCLAIMER- This is not about you or anybody you know . So take a chill pill. Lool.

Okay, my point exactly is this:
Honestly, I know how hard breaking up can be!
But, it shouldn’t be the end of your world.
There is someone I know, having a hard time pulling herself together and moving on. But yes, she is TRYING to move on.
Because, there’s just more to life. πŸ™‚
For all you know, the other party stopped caring the moment y’all were over.
Like my mother would say, “there’s more fish in the river than ever came out of it..”
Be strong.
That’s why you should make the right type of friends. The ones who would have your back for times like this. And the moment would pass. In no time *snaps fingers*
It’s only natural. πŸ™‚
Drinking hypo should not be your last resort abeg.
You will definitely get through with it.

And with that passed across, I dare say you would see less of me around.
With my exams beckoning at me! With badoo fingers. Lool.

Thanks for reading though πŸ™‚



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  1. Hmm. u should write more stuffs like this one. I really enjoyed reading this, id say it was worth d time. Entertaining nd sensitizing. More doughnuts 2 ur sausage. lol #hungerMode. Omo guys are not shining teeth o. including myself(i wunt lie).


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