Random Thoughts 2

The just concluded week was an event-filled one!
Like I had to try to balance between my ‘education life’ and ‘not-education life’. (If u know what I mean).
People like me don’t have another form of “life”
It’s either education or not.
And the “not” part? I cannot even categorically tell you what it is.
Because to properly define something, you must not only understand what it is, but as well, what it is not.

And so I can’t tell if reading leisurely outside school books (Novels and E-books) is actually not education itself. *sigh*

Anyways, moving right along..

The past week was entirely different from all of my regular weeks.
I actually thought my life was scattered.
You knw when you are used to something and all of a sudden, a big wave (to me) just sets in like bang! Let’s have a change? Yh, that was it.

So then this bright and beautiful morning πŸ˜€ I decided to write randomly πŸ™‚

Change. The only word that is ever dynamic and as well constant. ( High I.Qs only (˘̯˘ ) )

Change is inevitable, y’all know ryy? Physical, chemical, emotional, psychological.. Every aspects of our lives. It is absolutely natural.
Some1 showed me a pic of me that I took last year february. And he was like, “whoah, how come you look so young in this pic buh now ur all grown?”
I merely smiled and said “People change.”

That is physical.

As much as we would love to deny it, the truth is we all are, at one point in our lives, resistant to change.

I must bore you terribly right now.
You probably have an idea of what I speak of already.

*exhales* Okayy, I wrote this little poem a while ago.
Now just feels right to post it :).

There you go ——-Β»

One day, you’ll love another,
One day, you’ll have to choose,
One day, our supposed eternal love sign will go off the radar,
One day, the fire would stop kindling,
One day, the hope that lights it up would diminish,
One day, our haven will let loose,
One day..
I looked into the crystal ball,
I didn’t see us.

Did I take a moment? πŸ˜€
Oh well, that’s it.
And Remember I said, it’s just randoms πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading.


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