The Marchers

May March bring new blessings. Blessings unexplainable.

Happy New month.

My best out of all the months in the year. πŸ™‚
Filled with birthdays of the people I care about the most. πŸ™‚

No matter the situation, March always begin auspiciously for me.
And it keeps getting better. πŸ™‚
2014s’ would def be another great one!

I just plain love March.

And so I decided to write this post. Specially. πŸ™‚

Shabuuya Sha Sha Shabuuyaa! Roll call.
Shabuuya Sha Sha Shabuuyaa. Roll call!

-Dear Daddy, To the World, you are just a father to three amazing kids. But to these three amazing kids, You are the Best Man Alive. And I love you wholeheartedly. May God continue to keep you in strong and good health. (March 1st).

-To my amazing cousin whom I have never met buh with whom I have an unbreakable bond with,(Blood is what links us, boo) I love you. And Happy birthday in advance (March 6th).

-To another delectable cousin, whose existence I find laughter and Joy in. I wish you the very best birthday as you advance in ur teen years. May God keep you for us. (March 10th).

-To the world’s most wonderful brother, My role-model of years. The one whom I look up to and aspire to out-be, You are one out of the best persons in my life. Though, imperfect you are. But that makes you all the more perfect to me. I would forever hold you in high esteem for you are a true blessing in my life. You make me! And I love you. May God keep U. Happy Birthday in advance. (March 11th).

-To the world’s best god-mother. I can and will never forget you. Absent, yet so near. You moulded me into Me today. I love you and I am forever grateful. Happy birthday in advance Ma’am. (March 14th).

-To the most stoical, amazing and wonderful woman I have ever met. You are God’s first gift to me in this mortal world. The very essence of my being. My end and my beginning. The Joy I derive from being linked to you as a daughter is unexplainable. Sometimes, I want to cry. Because you are simply in few words, too amazing. The very best person in my life. I pray God keep and protect you. Keep your husband and not break you up untimely. Happy Birthday in advance, Mum. I love you. Forever and ever. (March 15th).

And to every March baby out there, U were born in a great month. I wish you a happy and fulfilling birthday. God bless you.

And that ends the list. *drum roll*

It’s nice writing from the heart *wipes a tear*
Most times, I just write from the head :’)



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