“”what if i fall?” oh but my darling, what if you fly?”

-Erin Hanson


Welcome to my blog.

I am Oyindamola Akorede and here you are; on my blog. Yayy! There is really not much to say, except that this is where I try to create art in the form of writing. Some days, I would make sense to you and other days, it would unfortunately be the opposite.

Remember: I am only trying to create art and art isn’t supposed to look good or be organized at all times. It is merely supposed to make you feel something. I sincerely hope that when you read through my blog; and leave to come back, you will always “feel something”.

I would insert a picture but I will rather you use your imagination to imagine what a pretty girl that is pretty at everything, looks like. haha. Thank you for checking out my website; which I designed by myself, by the way. I hope that you find it as pleasant as I do.

Disclaimer: I am not pretty at everything, to be honest. I really loved that line from Big Sean’s verse from One man can change the world that I decided it would always be with me. Because why not? this is where dreams have no end, after all.

PS: don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below at any time! You may also wish to connect with me on twitter. Cheers! ❤️

-Oyindamola Akorede

I will be calm, I will be mistress of myself”

-Jane Austen

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