Here I am.
On my way back to square one. (Going back to school after spending a wonderful weekend at Grams’s)
*deep sigh*
I am just altogether tired of formal education. (I nag a lot about this right? Like it’s not always as bad as I make it seem yh? You hav no idea, sweetheart.)
And when somebody gets to school now, evry1’s gon be asking you what you got them.
Like I went home to harvest dollars ._.
Anyways, so I am actually enroute school right now.
Ears plugged and worries not counting for the time being.
Disregarding the L and R labels on my earphones. Because I am err.. Just Gangsta. For life. πŸ˜€
Hopefully, I won’t be too away to notice we’re at my bus-stop. Hopefully.
Sooo, Birthdays!
What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear that word?
Fun,Gifts, Party ryyy? Ikr.
Birthdays are just magical.
(Not every1 sees it this way though. So it’s basically my opinion ryy now. You could write your ideas of what you think birthdays entail in the comment box later. Thank you.)

Birthdays come once in a year, they say. So it’s like you gotta make the day count. Have fun et all.
Me, as a person, I have celebrated each and every of my birthday since I was born. Because my birthday is one out of the numerous things in this life that gives me enormous joy! ( Eating spaghetti being among the lot too πŸ˜€ ).
Honestly, the feeling is just.. Magical. (Yh, like I mentioned afor ).
Days to my birthday like this, I go all hysterics.
So it’s basically like that at my own end.

But my last birthday.. (Ghen ghen..).
It was a life-changing day. Lool.
I realised that life’s actually more than cakes, party rice and drinkables.
Not like I won’t get excited about my birthday anymore or anyfn like that o.

Truth is, After your 18th birthday it’s basically all downhill.
Birthdays are just reminders of your fading youth. Lool.
Chill, it’s the truth nah.
Okay, 21 is like the height. But then after that, what happens?
Then comes the time to start reflecting about your life.
How far you’ve gone, how well the journey has been so far, how better you want to go farther.
All those kind of grown-up thinking sha.
Because, at 18, you are an adult. And it’s high time you started acting like one.

So, basically, it’s a turn-around.

Am sure Western_peey’s gon be wondering where all of this is coming from ryy? Technically, I blew up ryy in front of you. All grown,! πŸ˜€

That’s even if..
Err, where am I? OJOO?!
OMG! I was going to Agbowo nah! :'( :'(

Gotta go, guys.

PS: Happy Birthday, Depearl. Am still sorry. :*


6 thoughts on “Birthdays!!!

  1. I actually entered ur blog for d first time, nd m loving it. kip it up ma’am;).
    Speaking of birthdays. its one of those moments I love celebrating. Especially wen derez some floating cash (I mean real cool Extra Cash). omo birthdays? u gatz dey celebrate.

  2. Wow! Great blog! Cool stuff there ma’am, kip it up. i wanna see U Giv us more. Speakin of Birthdays. I love celebrating em, esp wen iv gat some Extra Cash. Uv gotta throw dat party nd hav madt fun wen eva dat special day calls. #TeamThrowDatParry πŸ˜‰

  3. Uv gotta throw dat party nd hav madt fun wen eva dat special day calls. #TeamThrowDatParry ;).
    Hope u didnt get too far from ur bus-stop.

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