Cups tied together depicting soulmates

Soul Mates

Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can.
Sometimes you can’t explain the wondrous-ness (allow me to use this word) you see in some people.
It’s like magic.

We have different people in this world. Some you love, others you hate.
Some you want to slap in the face with a rotten fish, others you just want to hug them for the satisfaction/happiness you derive from their company.
That’s technically the irony of life.
As you have the fantabulous pple, there’s also the shitty ones.
Honestly, that’s just life, like a two-way thing.
That was why I told one of my room-mates yesterday that life’s too short for you to allow an idiot ruin your evening when she came back into the room looking sad.
I mean, what’s going remain if your life depended on refusing to eat after someone annoyed you?
To be honest, somebody like me cannot even try that kind of thing.
I would just disappear ( Pooof! )

‘times, when you meet some people, it’s just bang!
Like “Where have you been all my la ah ah life..”
I really don’t think most of these people are people we are romantically linked with or the sort.
But they can actually end up being one though. So it’s not totally a friend-zone thing.
Most times, when we have such people in our lives, we assume them to be our perfect fit.
Like we become more attached and expect more.
(This is not an issue I would like to discuss right now though)

Have you listened to this Justin Timberlake’s song, Mirrors? I lavvv it!
That’s exactly where I am driving at.
These people are like mirrors.
They show you everything that’s holding you back.
They bring you to your very own attention so you can change your life.
But I read from somewhere that they don’t stay in your life “forever and ever”
(I don’t know how true this is though)
They only come into your life to reveal another layer of yourself to you.
And then, they leave. 🙂
Their purpose is to shake you up and tear down your ego a little bit.

Listen, this is nothing “miraculous”.
You are probably getting the picture of an angel with wings coming down to break your heart open and let new lights come in. No.
These are people. Real beings.
If you haven’t met one,
for all you know, you might be looking somewhere wrong.

Naturally, we all think our partner is meant to be our better-half (Ofcourse, I know this is the sweetest thing ever).
But most times, we tend to expect the most from the wrong people.
People that don’t fit.
Not because they are not good or right enough but because they were created for an entirely different purpose/role in your life.
That’s where situations arises and y’all come to think y’all ain’t perfect.
Listen, perfection is a myth. So is the saying that “Love is blind”.

So if some people got lucky and found their partner, dream guy, blah blah blah. All rolled up into one person but you can’t seem to find your match.
It doesn’t mean you are unlucky, jinxed or something.
You are probably looking in the wrong direction for something.

Okay, am all confused now. What I am even saying? *sigh*
I probably got all this twisted. But in all, know that we were all created for a reason.
And the first of that, is to be happy.

I gotta get back to my books! :’)

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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