Random Thoughts 1

I was doing my dishes in the kitchenette this morning,
( If one plate and one spoon actually fall under that category πŸ˜€ )
And then this song just came into my head. All of a sudden! Out of the blue.

“Picture this, one girl two glasses and a table for two. What would u do?
I was sitting in a corner babe, U were sitting in another corner. Sitting at a table for twwoooo. Ohh yeah babe X3
The waiter brought your order babe, champagne, two glasses for nobody but yooouuuu. Ohh yeah babe X3
Then I saw you whisper, to the waiter mister and I thought u were talking about meeeee…”

Styl-plus! Yayy!
I actually had to search for the lyrics. Not like I dnt know it o. πŸ˜€

Okay, so, the main reason why I am writing this is because It just occured to me that the group that sang this song has gone into oblivion.
But why?
Honestly, to me, when they actually first came into the lime-light with their hit song “Olufunmi”, In my own mind o, I thought they were here to stay. Because they seemed so ‘bonded’.
(If you knw what I mean.)
Shiffi, Tunde and Zeal made such a cute, lovely and perfect combination.
It was like nothing was going to ever come in between them.
And when they recorded the “Four years don waka” song,
I had hopes for them.
They were Unbreakable. Untouchable. Unbeatable.
The sky was their limit.
Didn’t knw I was on some ‘long thing’ stees.

They did great in the little time they had singing though.
They were amazing.
I loved practically all of their songs.
Is it ‘Iya basira’ abi ‘Imagine that’ ni?
Those guys were just plain good and talented.

Things probably didn’t work out the way they planned.
And asides, Boys are now Men.
They might hav different goals at hand.
They might not see things the same way anymore.
So many possibilities.
Things that makes us human.
Guess that’s just the way life is.
Like my brother would say : “This life is rolling like a ball” πŸ™‚

So then I finished washing and then..oh crap!
Assignments! Workshop report! awaits me :'(

School sucks tbh. ._.

Later guys!

Thanks for reading ({})


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