Diary of an Ibadan Girl: Entry 13


I’m really impressed by how ugly I’m willing to look in public these days.


It’s because I cannot come and go and kill myself away.

When I had first arrived at camp, I was following them to be doing the usual slay mama routine up and down. I would wake up by 3am, like some of the other girls also did, so that I would have my bath and prepare way ahead of everyone else; and before they rang that useless bell signaling the beginning of yet another stressful day. I would deprive myself of sleep and well-deserved rest just so that I can have time to apply all the make up that I brought from home. It was exciting at first. Because, people started wondering how you did it. Like, how do you manage to look really good everyday during morning parade? Are you like a child of Aphrodite or something?

But guess what?
I am not doing anything again. The past couple of days has been extra liberating for me because I have just decided to stop wearing makeup altogether. Even when there’s time, I just no longer feel up to it. Because I’ve realized there’s no point in depriving myself of sleep just so that I can look a little bit better than usual. It’s not kuku as if I’m that great with the make up application sef. It’s kuku patch-patch that I’m always doing before.


I’ve not even been able to keep up with my offline journal writing in days. My phone had a slight accident. It stopped working and I had a really scary moment. It just kept restarting and the battery continued to drain on its own accord. So I decided to let it rest for a little while. (Shut it down for sometime) and viola, it has started to work again.

Camp has been exciting for the past couple of days. I joined the cultural dance group. We only started rehearsing couple of days ago and it was quite challenging getting songs and dance routines that matched. We did get somethings together eventually though. The dance competition held yesterday and my platoon performed first. Everything just happened so fast. We got costumes from different tribes and wore them. I wore the Yoruba traditional attire as I was the one that presented the Yoruba songs. I was just doing rubbish on stage. I just hope nobody will recognize me under the huge gele that they tied for me. It was fun while it lasted sha.


Idris called yesterday. (Click here to find out about previous posts on Idris) He said that Sekky had just told him that I had been at camp and he was sorry he was just calling. I was like, sorry for yourself o. He now asked if I was redeploying but I said no. Me that I’ve already gone to collect the form. Miss me while I’m gone, puhlease.

Then he said I should let him know as soon as I get back home so that he can pay me a visit. In my head, I was like “uncle, kiloshele gan-an gan-an? are you trying to destroy my life?”. But I sha said okay. To now round it up again, he now said that he misses me, kinikon kinikon.

Woo, since that yesterday, my heart has just been doing back-flips.

Jeje mi ni mo joko, they have want to come and use baritone voice to cause confusion in my life again.

See that yesterday ehn? it was just all sorts of orishirishi. 


Next week is the last week of camp and I’m just really glad it would soon be over. This place is stifling everything in my life and body, I just want to go home. I miss Maami and Baba Morenike. I even miss Morola, my ijangbon sister. I miss my brothers, Modurotolu and Moteleola. I just want to go home, you people should tell fatherland to release me. :'(


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