padlock with hearts

The best of me.

There’s this boy that I know,
The coolest of them, that I know.

We used to hang (out) and hold, (hands)
Frolic and talk about jokes.

It was like our time on the playground of the owns, (gods)
He made me feel natural and old.

I called him Poseidon,
He called me Athena.

I was the moon of his life,
I looked at him wide-eyed every night.

I would look at him and smile,
I wanted to give the best of my shine.

Not lovers but felt like so,
Not together but hearts yearned for so.

A mystery how our paths have crossed and worn,
A joy to cherish though, moments we’ve spent and more.

If only destiny could talk,
I would want to know, what are the odds?

Is it to be?
Or is it not to be?

Day 1 of 100.

6 thoughts on “The best of me.

  1. Since the medieval age,
    The inevitable conundrum had persisted
    “To be or not to be.”
    The men and women of old were perplexed too
    And hitherto,
    All efforts were often constricted;
    For why go the whole way when destiny cannot speak?!

    Nice touch here. ??

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