pretty woman

Pretty Woman

Pretty woman,
I wonder where your secret lies,
Must be in the slight curve of your lips at the corners,
Or perhaps, the gentle sashay of your hips as you wander,
One that makes a man’s head reel like thunder.

Pretty woman, super woman,
Is there more to this? I wonder,
To this beauteous phizog of yours,
That appears as though you were the only one,
That the angels of pulchre spent all the time on.

Pretty woman, attractive woman,
I want to believe that this is not all there is,
That asides from the tiny tingly feeling your derriere emits from a man,
That there’s a brain in there that burns with a brilliance,
And an engulfing soul with a fire-like radiance.

Dear Pretty woman,
Be meaningful,
While being beautiful.

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