Da vinci structure

Da Vinci.

Sometimes, I see the maestro,
The master Leonardo Di ser Piero,
As he remotely makes his way out of a bistro,
Parchment in hand while he stands akimbo,
Gazing upon the beauty in the flight of l’oiseau, (A bird. pronounced wai’zoh in french )
Brain steadily working out all the math pros. (problems)

Behold, A master of great aura,
Born to Antonio, the father,
Knowledgeable in most coveted areas,
That were so far beyond men’s vague minds,
Only equals like Perugino, Botticelli and others, 
Could afford to rival the exemplar,
Of the great pioneer of Renaissance.


Da vinci,

Nothing that he touched but turned into a thing of eternal beauty.

Inspired by the series: Da vinci’s demons

Day 2 of 100.

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