Queen Price.

“But why won’t you go for the contest like the rest of us?”, they would ask,

“I am not interested jere.” Each time, I told them,

Little did they know that indeed I was,

Only that I had my eye on the bigger cake,

I knew I had to be patient and take great care,

If really I wanted it only for myself,

It is not that I am greedy,

I just won’t follow the status quo,

Neither would I obey any of the norms,

To outstand, I know I must stand out,

So waited, I did,

While they all flocked ahead to claim the price,

The price which I felt was too little,

Too little and did not befit my kind,

And it happened that I didn’t wait in vain,

For the reward was earned in full,

I brought down the house,

And won the queen price. 

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