On this day.


On this day in another life,
I walked this path with my other half,
Fingers entwined,
Thoughts aligned,
As it rained and the moon shoned,
Gently lightening up our crude souls,
As we walked solemnly pass the milestones,
The same milestones that are now old,
Even though the truth remains with them untold,
The truth about the way the horror had unfold,
And untold it must remain,
Until the end of the road,
Where no one would ever know,
About the mishap that stole,
My other half away long long ago.

Dedicated to you and yours.
Happy Children’s Day.

2 thoughts on “On this day.

  1. When words aren’t uttered, voices are not heard… but the faintest pen is better than the best brain. These are combination of words, voices, pen and brain, go Girl… u rock!

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