His Fragrance.

Ears plugged,
Musing quietly on lots,
Partly due to the absence of much,
On my plate at all long,
That allowed for me enough time to glare,
Or probably the music that flowed into my ears,
That ensnared and captured my aware’,
Oh yes!
It must have been the Song,
Awelewa by Gabriel Afolayan,
Sofly pouring into my buds,
Suddenly then came the buzz,
Breezing swiftly into thy snout,
Powerful, alien and strong,
Captivating, hypnotizing though conc.,
Left my olfactory beguiled and taut,
Inhale Exhale,
The moment could have gone unpertubed,
If only I hadn’t asked, “What fragrance, dear boy?”,
“I don’t know”, came the sharp retort,
I was left disappointed and void.

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