Sick Leave.

Been a while, yeah! πŸ™‚

Been a little bit under the weather.

First, it was sore throat..
Then, Cough and catarrh kicked in.
Malaria came bouncing in a day after.
It ezz nuh been izzy. *sneezes*

Taken countless drugs. I am not a drug person tbh.
(Better than “Injesion” tho )

Ciprotab, Coflin, Menthol, Night-nurse, Paracetamol, Coartem.

PS: I am marketing for the above drugs. (No wash)

By the way, do y’all knw Ciprotab’s one mad-ass antibiotics?
Drains blood like shit.
Not like am ruining their sales or anything.
Dey still gon sell whether or not.
Y’all still gon use it eitherway. ( Very Effective something )
Am just saying, if you are going to down drugs anyhow as if you are taking water, take it easy with the “wonder drug”.
If you dnt want to end up like someone we both knw.

*coughs* And I also got one cough linctus like that before taking another (Name witheld)

It was just the wrong one for me.
Felt like I was just downing some thick-sweetened liquid.
It was not effective one bit.

When you want to get OTC drugs, it’s always adviseable to ask the pharmacist/one in charge of the drug store for recommendations.
Don’t just go and buy what you “think” would be right or the ones you saw on TV. Ask biko.

Then, I rubbed Menthol on my chest. ( Effective for Chesty coughs )
Aint all coughs chesty? *shrug*

The rest of the drugs just went right through. Did wonders.

Thankful O:).

I am getting better (I am resilient like that ^.~)

I am not telling you all of this so you could feel pity for me or anything.
(You are meant too tho ._. )

If you are ill too, God is your strength.
Get well soon. *big hug*

Later.. πŸ™‚



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