Life In Junior School.

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Okayy, this is not one of the captivating issues but amma still write anyway.
PS: none of this is intended in “Self-praise”. I am just err.. Writing. πŸ™‚

Soo hang on! While I put this aircraft in motion.
*disengages auto-pilot*

Hmmm.. Junior Secondary School..*inhales*

I got in at quite an early age. I stopped elementary school in my third year (Primary three).

*in Wizkid’s voice* “Oya ask ur mummy! Awa eleyi, awa eleyi, a badt gan-an” ^.^

It was my class teacher that advised my parents to give me a trial and even then, I knew people who were getting doubly promoted. I guess mine was quadruply.

The school was to be the one my siblings also attended. That sorta gave me an edge over my mates though because there was the brother who showed me around and made sure I was well settled in my class. There was the sister who made sure I never wanted for anything. (Material and immaterial). Bless them πŸ™‚
So it was a pretty jolly ride.

I got the form. Sat for the entrance examination. I got admitted ON TRIAL.
Lool. Dnt judge me just yet. Before enrolling, I stopped school for like close to a year.
After primary three, I was taken out of the country. The plan was to start schooling in the UK. But then, things worked against me πŸ™ I cri evritiem.
Turned out Nigeria wanted me back badly. So then, I came back.
It wasn’t quite easy for me. Being out of the system like that and asides, I was not even a fan of extra coaching(lessons). Everything I did was from the little stuffs left in my head.

So then I got into school :D. It was weird at first because I was effin short. As in short short o. The shortest girl in the whole school infact.

On my first day in class, as soon as I entered the room, come and see stabbing eyes all o’er me. Why? Everyone else was in Mufti. But as a badoo ^.^, I was already in the uniform!
This raised brows. As the other students were wondering why and how I got mine early. I sha kept my cool even when some were saying it to my face. Some even went ahead to go and report to the VP admin. Esther and co. Lool.

I was given a seat at the front row (shawty so short). In between two cute boys :D. (Joseph and Enitan). We got along so well that in no time, we soon became fast friends. :). Found out later they were born Geniuses. (Awon iwe of eternity).

At first, school was hard; believe me. The stuffs they were teaching us were alien to me. I didn’t do any of those stuffs before leaving. Mi o gba Eko yen pe rara. ( Which is why I am neither thankful nor mad at my class teacher in primary school. This doesn’t work for everybody ).

First term, I was a dummy :’)

Second term, I got my groove back on! πŸ˜€

Third term, I came out as the over-all best student in J.S.S 1. *twerks*

“This is an extraordinary performance. Keep it up”

I still remember those words clearly. Written by the Principal.

It was that simple in J.S.S 2 too.
Though, I made an handful of enemies.
You knw, the “is she the only one” type of enemies. The ones I beat to it and the ones that were just plain mad at God’s doin without reason.
But one thing about kids is, they don’t keep malice for long. Things were much simpler back then that even with all of that, we were all still friends. πŸ™‚

I had the most fun in class 2 because my class was like a nuclear family πŸ˜€
We were few in class and that made us closely knitted. We played together, read together, discussed together. Even cried together ( with the boys, whenever we were punished. ). Such love that existed among us.. Pure!

They were like my immeadiate family. Though, competitive they all were, they were/are still my most cherished friends.
Shoutout to all of them :*

J.S.S 3 was the peak.
We had less fun though. Because of our external exams. But I still had a good time.
Huge class we had. Because of the number of students.
Diverse pple and diverse ways. Lool. Awon smellos ati awon badoos.
It was one helluva class.

What’s school without one’s classmates tho?

*re-engages auto-pilot* You are now on your own πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading.

And yh! Drop your comments πŸ˜‰


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