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Multiverses, Utopia and The concept of the ideal life

I chuckled to myself as I came up with Multiverses, which may seem to many readers of this blog as the most ridiculous theme to write about. Partly because I am fully aware that some people would take one look at this title and stop reading. But then I asked myself why should that stop me? Art is subjective after all and frankly, this might even be the most interesting piece I’d ever write for someone out there.

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A little background story on how this post was birthed: So the 4th of May this year was another Star Wars Day and I could almost swear that no one was talking about it like they often did. Although, I can admit that this was probably from what I observed in my own circle of influence. I remember that I made a cheeky tweet at the time, about how I hadn’t seen anyone tweet the “May the fourth be with you” saying and; how I thought humanity was losing it and a thoughtful friend tagged me onto a thread where it was been raved about (shout outs to you again, Aanj!).

Anyway, that time made me realise that if I really wanted to see more of something, why wasn’t I the one talking about it? why was I waiting to see it somewhere else first? Also, why was I not writing more about the topics I enjoy because I wasn’t sure how it’d seat with the audience? Why was I making assumptions about what you’d enjoy or not enjoy reading? So I said, okay let me do a post about the most random thing ever and see what the reception for that’s like and boom, I thought: Multiverses. Because why not?

I have always been fascinated by the idea behind the existence of multiverses. For context, a multiverse is a hypothetical realm consisting of a number of universes, of which our own universe is only one of them. So simply put, you currently live in one universe which is this one you’re in right now, where you are reading this post. The concept of a multiverse is that there are other versions of you in other universes like this one that you’re in right now, also living their lives like you are doing yours in this one. Does that make sense? If it doesn’t, just stay with me and it’ll make sense eventually.

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So yeah, I have always found this whole idea of existing in another universe interesting and more recently, the interest has deepened because of the comfort I found in looking at things in that way. Let me explain what I mean: so the general idea that I have is that when things go wrong or perhaps someone we love dies, it’s comforting to think that in another parallel universe to this one, things went right and the someone we love is still alive in that one.

To think that time is non-linear and that the universe is not one but many and; each one plays out according to all of our individual decisions is liberating because then you don’t have to feel terribly about many things. Well, not necessarily. You still can or rather still will (Oops!). I just think that it minimizes the overall impact of whatever happens or however life plays out because you know that out there exists another universe where you’ve made a decision and for that, your life is better and in the same breath, there is also another one where you’ve made a decision and your life might be worse for it. Basically, infinite possibilities.

Someone might ask that how do we hack this level of intelligence? How can we ensure that whatever decision we make spun off the very best-case scenario of our existence in the one universe where we actually find ourselves? I think this is wishful thinking because first off, the math involved to make this understandable will not math. And more importantly, even if that could be achieved, wouldn’t that mean creating a perfect existence for oneself? A life where you’ve made all the right decisions and everything you’ve ever wanted, worked out accordingly and everyone you’ve ever loved never dies? Sounds very much like what people describe as a utopian society. I think that way, life would most definitely have lost its meaning but hey, that’s just me.

I may have gone off on a bit of a tangent there but I remember why I started writing about this in the first place. I find the idea of multiple universes soothing not because I think that in one of those universes, there is the probability of a utopian world. First of all, I don’t believe that could ever exist. You might probably be wondering “oh you don’t believe in that, but you believe in this?” and loooooool my answer would be yes. Because truly and really, why not?

To be continued. (actually if I get zero comments on this post, I will know whether to continue or not lmao)

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