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New writer, who this?

I haven’t written in so long.

To be honest, I can’t almost explain why I don’t do it more often. I really am good at this, you know? Like, I read my journal entries sometimes and it always has me thinking about how they are not even bad at all.

I think the issue is that I over-analyse things so much that whenever I read other people’s works, I instantly forget that I can also be that good. At the same time, I question that, will someone read any of what I have written and feel pleasurable? the way it happens for me when I read something that I really like.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

Another thing that I have noted is that I am always waiting; for the perfect time to put pen to my paper (I’m a traditional writer). I always forget that there are only few ideal times in one’s life, especially when you are fixated on making it so. I forget that you can’t wait for the best time to create.

Rarely considering that when writing is as important as it is to me, I should just go the hell ahead and do it. Even when I am not sure what it is I have set out to do. When it isn’t convenient, or when the stars and I haven’t yet aligned. I should do it even when I am uncertain.

I should take that pen, put it to paper and write that story or opinion or whatever it is because that is who I enjoy being. And also remember that it doesn’t even have to be perfect; as long as I go ahead and write something; anything. Putting in the mileage and letting the magic happen on its own, imperfect or not. Art isn’t supposed to make sense all the time, after all.

Cheers to my 7486th attempt at this. ?

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