*dusts blog*
*removes cobweb*

I wrote better when I acted like I had a deadline to meet.
I would definitely work up something those times.
But now.. *sigh*

So school resumes tomorrow and I am here thinking to myself, “Resumption? Did we ever vacate?”. Smh.
I have spent several weeks of my life
doing this SWEEP thing that I haven’t had any time to add to my weight.
(I still weigh a devastating 40kg. :'( )
I just hope at the end of it all, Defense and stuffs, I would get my full unit. I gast.

Funny how you seem noticeable to people when you least want it.
I saw it somewhere that, When you’re happy, free and everything is going your way, when it feels like you have peace of mind, the Devil will just come and give you a boyfriend/girlfriend.
True or Yes? LOL. Lu cipher ti daran.

Well, I think it’s really a mind thing. What you want and what you don’t want. When you want it and when you least desire it.
That’s why we need to understand that there are some things that are not enforceable. No matter how hard you try.

I really admire people that respect other people’s decision. I know we all want to put our needs first and all (it is only human.) but then, there’s more to life than what You want. 🙂

Makes you wonder about what is more than what we want, right? Isn’t Life itself full of things/people we want? Then, what is more than life? For me, I don’t know what’s more than life really. Life is the greatest with all of its essence.
But yeah, there is more to life.
Because Life can’t be without the more. . And as great as life seems, it doesn’t make sense on its own.

Mind-warping? Ah! /:)

Life is but a dream..

But really, I think it’s still a “want” issue. Never should it be a “need” issue. Neediness breeds desperation. Desperation leads to errr a whole lot of stuffs that I know but can’t find the words so I am just going to write a whole lot of stuffs. Yeah.

Please, don’t tell me you don’t understand what I am talking about.

And yeah, It’s funny when people can’t handle rejection! Lol. Don’t you know you can’t always have your way? What’s with people and accepting ‘no’ for an answer?
I used to get very sweet goodnight messages one time. Then I cut the guy sound warning. Told him to stop disturbing my life. I guess his heart couldn’t take it. Because the messages stopped.
Apparently, I killed him.

Lol. I jest.

And people that think everything they do for you is a favor! Funniest. Lol.
Like you should see the look on some people’s faces when they utter the phrase “I love you” and you don’t fall down at their feet and weep for joy. Lol. move man.
ILYT. Haha.

Sometimes when you look at life and people in it, you can’t help but laugh hard.

*doodles repeatedly*

I really need to go and write my report right now. Missed three weeks in a roll. (Oluwa is involved. ) Haha. I am laughing at myself.

This one that it takes 3 hours for 1 hour to go by these days. It is well, guys.


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