Golden flowers

Golden girl.

I remember a day as far back as in year one,
When I first saw this girl that didn’t really look like one,
Wearing a turquoise blue shirt,
And on maybe a short pink skirt,
Memory fails me a little; oh yes,
Anyway; she had bushy hair,
Held back with a band to make it look like Alice’s hair,
It was the first time that I noticed her,
Loud and vociferous,
With a little bit of Hermione Granger guts,
That first time I felt a quick jab,
I really didn’t know what it was,
But it was then and there I concluded I didn’t like her,
Until after these many years,
That I figured I was hiding from a truth,
That I didn’t really not like her,
Only that I wanted to be her,
For she’s really everything that I’m not,
Yet, everything that I dare to be,
All of these things and more.

For Emmanuella,
The golden girl that I haven’t given enough credit.

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