IT 2015.


The just concluded six months have been the longest six months in the history of concluded six months of my life. Started like yesterday, yet it feels like it’s been 83 years. An epoch-making journey, a door that opened into another realm, a slumber into a known reality. It’s been soo many good and quite a few not-so-good things. Yet, it’s been wonderful and life-changing.
Not to bore you with all these motivational speaking parlances, I am going to briefly describe what it was like in a couple of words that I’ve carefully chosen.

IT 2015 started on a very worrisome note for me as I couldn’t get approval for my placement into the organisation that I wanted. The director of Industrial training coordinating centre of my school insisted that I must be as knowledge-driven as much as I was money-conscious. Hence, I had to go into a more appropriate establishment that my course of study had prospects in. (I wanted to work in managements. As per, money dey.)

Started the training with two other guys from my class and it began enjoyably. The company turned out to be filled with people that were ecstatic to have us. They accepted us as their own and we were elated in turn. The staffs were really nice to me and it made my stay exceedingly worthwhile.
But you know, in a gathering of so many beautiful minds, there would still be cows. And so, it was exactly just like that. As we had the people who were willing to impact and make us better persons, there were also people who wanted to plain “feed off us”.
In this case, I was believed to be the most susceptible. Being female, young and quite pleasant.
There was this man, twice my age. He called me on the phone at every hour of the day while we were both at work. Our workstations being just centimetres apart. That tops my most nauseating moments of IT 2015. But like every other tiring issues that sprung during the course, I got through. Somehow, some way.

My best moments were the ones when we had to think out of boxes that school had built us in, to solve real life factory problems. It was challenging, yet eye-opening. I did so many things I didn’t know I was capable of. I spoke up. I learnt. I thrived! It was amazing.

It’s over now but I can’t help but think back at all of those moments. Especially the ones where my supervisor described me as, “Stubborn, hard-headed, opinionated and rebellious”.
I quite agree with the first 3, but I honestly don’t even know about rebellious.

But really, IT 2015 was wonderful. I guess God indeed saved the best for the last.

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