Awardees Only!


Hiya darlings!

It’s good to finally write something asides from “rhymes” :).
So I got this notification a while ago that I was nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by the owner of this blog right here.

You should check out her blog. She is a fantastic writer too.

So what’s this DRAGON’S LOYALTY AWARD anyway?

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is for the loyal fans and commenters. Whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or someone who follows and comments regularly. There are rules ofcourse and here they are:


Accept the award with thanks. Give your readers 5 facts about you. Then nominate other bloggers and let them know. The letting them know part is kind of important because if they miss your nomination post, they will not get their nomination nor will they see that you appreciate them.

Culled from here

I accept the award with gratitude and I say thanks. It’s one big deal. ?

So, here we go with the five facts about me..

1. Nigerian and proud.

2. Blogging started for me because I wanted to be able to write like other people. Now, I’m just doing my thing.

3. I don’t own a writing book. I write my posts offhand.

4. Reading is my life.


5. I am a blessing. To this world. ?

I hereby nominate these people:


Keep the chain going!

And on that note, I say thanks to my followers and readers. The only reason why I’ve kept writing is because you’ve kept reading. Y’all the super MVPs!!

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